Dues Holiday

2019 Local 277 Golf Outing – June 8, 2019

Union Members Come to Defend City Councilman Robert Wilmott

Union Reps Rebut Developer’s Comments, Support Councilor Wilmott


2019 Fishing Derby

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Carpenters Local 277 Winter Ball

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Trump’s Take on Unions

Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union

Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union

Main Office: 205 Cherry Hill Rd. Parsippany, NJ 07054

Member Services: 1-800-848-2438 Access 24: (24 Hour Phone Teller) 1-800-741-4981 Website: www.ubtfcu.org


New Funds App

Want access to the balance of your HRA? Download the new Northeast Carpenters Funds app on your smartphone or tablet. Contact the Funds for username and password. 607-739-1326

Mix 20/20 Update

Please make sure you update your skills form to indicate counties you are willing to work in. You can follow the link below or go to local office.

Mix 20/20


The busy season is right around the corner. Please be sure your OSHA 10 is up-to-date. If your OSHA 10 card is five (5) years or older, we advise you to take the course again. Many employers and the industry are requiring OSHA 10 cards to be within a five (5) year time frame. Call . . . → Read More: IS YOUR OSHA CARD CURRENT?