Shame on Uniland –

Local #276 has set up a Facebook page, SHAME ON UNILAND DEVELOPMENT due to Uniland utilizing non-union carpenters on the 250 Delaware Ave Building. Uniland received tax breaks from the Buffalo Industrial Development Agency. The exterior portion of the project has been awarded to a non-union company, but the interiors of the Headquarters for Delaware . . . → Read More: Shame on Uniland –

Vacation/Savings Accounts

All members will start receiving a $0.50 contribution to a vacation/savings account for each hour that they work starting June 1, 2014. Information has been mailed to the membership and is available in the Local offices. Please contact us with any questions. It is imperative that each member fill out the enrollment for the Union . . . → Read More: Vacation/Savings Accounts

Automated Dues Payments

The Local is now offering members the ability to have their dues automatically charged to their credit card. Each member can decide when the deduction is made, for how much and how often they wish to have payments processed. Any member interested must sign an authorization form, please contact one of the Local offices to . . . → Read More: Automated Dues Payments

Buying American Made

An interesting look at a small change having a big effect

Buying American

Veterans Affairs Committee

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters has announced that a Veteran’s Affairs Committee has been formed. The committee will be collecting supplies from all Local’s and sending care packages every 6 months to our members deployed on active duty and also to any immediate family member of an active member of the Northeast Council. Any . . . → Read More: Veterans Affairs Committee